Last Updated on February 29, 2018

The F-1000S simulator is built exclusively upon order on specific customer customization.

Yes. 100% hand made in Italy.

Standard delivery is 6-8 weeks. Times are subject to pending orders.

News will arrive shortly.

Paypal – Wire transfer.

Very little. Just install the steering wheel base and the pedal in the specific supports and connect them to the chassis.


51-53kg depending on the steering wheel support mount and accessories chosen.

The cables are installed in places that make them invisible from the outside. The chassis design helps to hide the components, resulting perfectly clean from view. Open source installations can take advantage of this feature.

Using a usb hub and a multi-socket there will be only two wires that will come out from under the chassis; the cable of the hub directed to the PC and that of the power strip. The installation manual explains in detail how to make the F-1000S cables invisible from the outside.

Yes, in every dimension. It has a horizontal stroke of 70mm, a vertical adjustment of 20mm and three different driving inclinations of up to 7.9°. Three positions with different views and immersiveness.

Yes, it has a 150mm stroke.

All height adjustable monitor stands are compatible with the simulator.

Visit the page in the extra menu above.

F-1000S is a professional simulator and the minimum age to be used is 16 years old.

News will arrive shortly.

Yes. You can find info on “Extra” menu under customization link. We will customize the F-1000S Sim Racer with your logos giving it a unique look. We can create special graphics and you can also choose a favourite paint tone. No limits.


The guarantee follows the legal terms.

Yes, customer can cancel the order by sending an email within 24 (twenty four) hours of payment, without additional costs. Customer will receive refund of full amount paid with the same payment method used for the purchase.

In case of cancellation of the Order after 24 hours, Buildsim will reimburse the Customer the amount paid less the construction costs as specified in the terms and conditions.



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