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  • PROSIMU P5MP 10.065,00 

    Designed and manufactured in France.
    • The P5MP is the first ProSimu motion platform.
    • The ideal solution for professional dinamic simulation.
    • Provides 4 degrees of freedom thank to it’s 5 actuators.
    • It is capable of accurately reproducing most of the movements felt in a vehicle, even the smallest ones.
    • New-generation PRS200 actuators.
    • Breath-taking performance: 280 mm/s speed & 2G acceleration.
    • Traction loss system to feel the loss of grip / yaw of the vehicle.
    • Several actuator strokes are available, up to 200mm.

  • PROSIMU P7MP 30.500,00 

    Designed and manufactured in France.
    • The P7MP Dynamic Platform meets the requirements of the professional pilots for their training.
    • The P7MP Dynamic Platform has 5 completely innovative degrees of freedom (6 DOF).
    • Feature unique rear and front traction loss technology.
    • The only Dynamic Platform in the world to simulate oversteer and understaeer to meet the demands of pilots, with the sole objective of being as close as possible to real driving.
    • The P7MP has been designed for automotive and airplane simulation.
    • With 44 movements / seconds, the PRS 200 ProSimu actuators allow you to feel the effects of the road and the vibrations in a much moore striking and realistic way that a traditional platform.
    • Several actuator strokes are available, up to 200mm.

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